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That's our trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients.


Legal framework, clients´ goals and hobbies, topographical, social and landscaping conditions, program specificities, everything fits in the bag.


Kitchen works starting only once the bag is full.



Like a surprise party, but in reverse.


Extra mile is part of our commitment and there's always a gift, something that was not on the original brief but we're able to add through extra-creativity rather than through extra-costs (more space, some invention that will bring along public - and publications - interest, a potential new business on the ride of the original one, etc.).


This phase is where we present the client the conceptual path we're proposing to follow, as well as the discoveries along the way we're aiming to.


An agreement and shared excitement on the step forward about to happen is the goal.


Will you marry me?

garrafa vinho .png


Not much to describe here.


We're submitting the project to official entities and getting the approval.


After submission, periodical reports will be issued in order for the client to follow the process.

caderno sem fundo 01.png


Models, Drawings, Renderings, Timetables, Estimated Costs.


Proof of concept through technical elements.


As we work in Building Information Modeling (BIM), everything is done (and able to look at and travel through) in real-time 3D, even in clients own smartphone. 


A walk in the (architectural) park.

lapis sem fundo 03.png

construction drawings

The Book that allows one to bid for construction prices and finally build the work, as well.


It's composed of Architectural and Engineering Drawings at different scales and a Bill of Quantities with all the constructive elements described and measured.


It's the map of the treasure, finally printed and bounded.


construction phase

Usually on a weekly or biweekly basis, we visit and have Technical Meetings on Site, issuing reports not only to register progress but also to share with the client.

capacete sem fundo 01.png

photographic report

It's an add-on that we really advise considering. 


It's not just about portraying the bride as the Church Door opens, it is an important register that will allow for the project to proceed its own life across publications, prizes and other means, raising the property value and testifying for its originality.

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