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Cristina Pinto

Architect | Office manager 

I am Cristina, born in Oporto, in 1990. I have worked in Matosinhos (Perafita) and Póvoa de Varzim, for 2 years before joining anarchlab.

Most admirable place I've ever been:

Amalfi Coast


Cities I love most:

The important question is: Is there a beach nearby?


Where would I like to go still:



Trip of my life:

Around the world, staying with natives #livethedream


Motto for life:

There are still a few, but the passion is the most… if you’re looking for a sentence “challenge accepted!”


Favorite Food:

Pasta, vegetables and sushi. But I love to try everything that is new to me.


Beloved objects:

Surfboard, paint-brushes and laptop, but when I feel really naked is without a whatch and my cell phone


An addiction:

Icecream and chocolate, but I try to control myself


A ritual:

Morning coffee


A virtue:

Determination and resiliency


A flaw:

Anxious and emotional


The quality I value most:

A humorous good soul


Day or Night:

Sometimes day, other times night, it depends on the mood

Favorite Season:



Writers that I'm never tired of:

Dr. Spencer Johnson


A movie above all:

Wonder, maybe not about all but about a lot of things


Soundtrack of my life:

In the waiting line - Zero 7

Sand or Asphalt:



First Architecture Memory:



Best Bar in Town:

Not the best, but Tamisa in Porto was for a long time my home at work breaks and Casa Xico my chill out spot ater surfing in Matosinhos.


The sport I pretend to do:

Surf and dance (who knows, if I’ll do “Danceboard” oneday)

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