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Pedro Barata


I am Pedro Barata, born in Oporto. I have worked in Oporto, Barcelona, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Lisbon for 15 years before joining anarchlab.

Most admirable place I've ever been:

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Cities I love most:

Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Oporto, Lisbon

Where would I like to go still:



Trip of my life:

Interrail (in 2001, before €)


Motto for life:

"Não tejas medo"  


Favorite Food:



Beloved objects:

BodyBoard, NoteBook, Pen


An addiction:


A ritual:

TRYING to wake up at 6 am


A virtue:



A flaw:

Multitasking (incapability of)


The quality I value most:


Day or Night:

Lusco Fusco


Favorite Season:



Writers that I'm never tired of:

Jacinto Lucas Pires, Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Alain de Botton, Matilde Campilho

A movie above all:

Endless Summer (never seen it)

Soundtrack of my life:



Sand or Asphalt:



First Architecture Memory:

Collecting and piling stones to enclosure spaces in Serra da Estrela (always quitted half-way)


Best Bar in Town:

Virtudes in Porto, Miradouro Santo Amaro in Lisbon (none has a bar)

The sport I pretend to do:


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