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Adriana Pereira

Intern architect

I am Adriana, born in Guarda, in 1996. Anarchlab is my first architecture studio experience.

Most admirable place I've ever been:

A starring night sky in Aljezur


Cities I love most:

Porto, Venice, Barcelona, Paris


Where would I like to go still:

India, Mexico

Trip of my life:

Driving a VW van with no destination 


Motto for life:



Favorite Food:

Pasta alla bolognese


Beloved objects:

Mini version of anything


An addiction:



A ritual:



A virtue:



A flaw:



The quality I value most:



Day or Night:



Favorite Season:



Writers that I'm never tired of:



A movie above all:



Soundtrack of my life:



Sand or Asphalt:



First Architecture Memory:

I wanted to build my house on the tree


Best Bar in Town:



The sport I pretend to do:


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